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Elite Accounting Professionals is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and is an expert in all areas of Nevada taxes. We can help with individual or business taxes, tax resolution, tax preparation, and tax planning services.

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Elite Accounting Professionals provides tax preparation, tax planning, and outsourced CFO services in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. We are proud to provide our clients with tax expertise in multiple industries, including fashion retail, construction, entertainment, and restaurants. Find out more about how we assist these specific industries with their financial needs below:

1. Fashion Retail: We can help high fashion retailers navigate complex sales tax regulations, manage inventory costs, and optimize deductions for marketing and design expenses, ultimately boosting profitability.

2. Entertainment: We assist entertainment businesses in handling unique tax issues like royalty income, managing withholding taxes for international artists, and optimizing deductions for production costs, ensuring financial compliance in the booming Las Vegas entertainment industry.

3. Restaurants: For restaurants, we aid in managing payroll taxes, tracking deductions for food and beverage costs, and ensuring compliance with ever-changing food safety regulations, helping owners maintain financial stability and navigate industry-specific challenges.

4. Construction: In the construction sector, we guide businesses in optimizing deductions for equipment depreciation, handling subcontractor tax compliance, and managing project-specific tax credits, supporting growth and financial stability in the growing Las Vegas region.

Our primary goal at Elite Accounting Professionals is to help Nevada business owners live the high life. When you leave the work to an expert, your business finances go on autopilot, giving you more time to enjoy all that the Las Vegas lifestyle has to offer. Contact our team today at (702) 318-7547 or tcargill@eliteaccountingprofessionals.com.

Just a few of the small business financial services we offer are outlined below:

  • Tax preparation,

  • Financial statements

  • Tax compliance

  • Bookkeeping

  • Payroll

  • Outsourced CFO

  • Individual & Business Tax Planning

  • Authorized IRS E-file Provider